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  • DS R4i SDHC v2.0

    R4i SDHC v2.0


    Latest version of the R4i SDHC v2.0 Firmware Updates mentum. The Wood R4 loader is a newly released loader for the original R4 (NOT any clones). Based off the codebase of the Wood RPG loader, it has the same game compatibility as Wood RPG.

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R4i SDHC v2.0 Review • NDS / DS Lite / DSi Compatible - Editor`s Pick


R4i SDHC v2.0 Review

An upgraded version of the previous R4 card which has multi-media features, the R4i SDHC supports NDS, DS and DSi consoles. Although some of the features of R4 and R4i SDHC are the same, capability was improved and increased with this new flash cart. Aside from the original feature upgrade, the R4i has recently released the R4i SDHC V2 update, which promises a faster and more powerful flash cart.

The R4i SDHC V2 team has greatly improved the kernel firmware of the card, making it compatible with DSi and DSi XL with firmware 1.4. It supports better homebrew and works better with the NDS console than previous R4 and R4i products. The following old specs still apply with newly added features:


  • Real-time language change with multi-language options i.e. Simplified Chinese, complicated Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch
  • Real-time skin change
  • Supports all the latest Nintendo Consoles DS, DSL, DSi, DSi XL
  • Files are transferrable via PC, PDA, Mobile phone or Camera
  • Sleep mode function
  • Supports Soft Reset mode
  • Supports Wi-Fi, rumble pack series and expansion browser
  • Auto-detects newly saved game and game types
  • Integrated Moonshell 2.0 beta version
  • Restores previously selected game after soft reset or restarting console
  • Easy to operate user interface
  • Saves files automatically to Micro SD card
  • Clean rom and drag and drop capable for fast loading
  • Action replay cheats support
  • 100% game compatibility with Homebrew support
  • DLDI auto patching
  • GUI easy to operate
  • Supports two file allocation systems, FAT16 and FAT32
  • Low power consumption, sleep mode for longer standby time
  • Touch screen operations with Double User interface display
  • Four-level brightness adjustment
  • Kernel firmware support
  • Protective case and a Micro SD/SDHC card writer/ reader included
  • Customizable graphics
  • Support download play
  • Multi-media support


Upgrade and DS Game Downloads Over WiFi


One of the most exciting functions of the R4i SDHC is its Wi-Fi core upgrade, which means you can avoid tedious PC upgrades. By downloading the WI-FI engine software from the R4i’s website, the usually manual updates become automatically enabled. The Games Engine Assistant allows online game searching, downloading and managing of games instantly through WI-FI. The game assistant enables quick and easy download of NDS games from the R4i SDHC website to your PC, a feature that most of the other flash carts are yet to beat. The R4i SDHC also detects and displays the SD card type, capacity and format. It also supports high capacity storage without sacrificing performance unlike the old R4, which can only hold up to 2 GB and requires a high-speed card for it to function properly. The R4i also utilizes a spring-less mount of TF card to the flash card and eliminates the problem that comes with spring-loaded Micro SD.
The R4i SDHC clearly surpasses earlier versions of the R4 series and has more cutting-edge technology than flash carts like Supercard DSONEi and iEDGE, both of which utilize PC-based firmware updates. Although a little lacking in other features like slow motion and real-time set-ups, the R4i is still one of the best flash carts for your gaming needs.


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Compare with other R4DS cards:
  • R4 SDHC - is micro SDHC card support and max storage of R4DS boosted from 2GB to 32GB.
  • R4i SDHC RTS - adds Real-Time Save function (save at any spot in the game). WiFi updating and new interface.
  • Original R4 DS - no SDHC cupport and not comptible with DSi or NDSiXL





4 of 5 Stars!    by Ricky Ross 19/11/2009

I bought an R4i SDHC v2.0 card along with a microsd card, especialy loved the option to copy nds roms over wifi, everything worked perfectly out of the box. I have used this company before, but never their customer service, which exceeded all expectations.


5 of 5 Stars!    by Tim browne 19/11/2009

R4i SDHC v2.0 works perfectly with the DSi models. My family has had the the DS and have all got DSi's now. We do have the all the games on an R4 chip, however you require the R4i for DSi chip for your games to work. You should use the following tips in order to have a trouble-free installation. 1. You should back up all your games to your PC first by copying all the data . Save it in a directory called Nintendo games for example. 2. Once you've copied your files, games and and saved games, you should format the games chip (SDRAM) using a Windows PC and formatting the chip as FAT32. 3.Copy the latest software from the link emailed to you. (this should have been downloaded and saved to a directory called DSi for example. Open the the DSi directory and copy (drag the files and directories exactly onto the chip. THen copy across your games directory you backed up earlier. 4. You can now use the DSi R4i SDHC v2 chip in your Nintendo DSi. Please use a Windows PC for the formatting, as using a Mac doesn't format the chip in quite the same way therefore the booting of the new chip fails. -Enjoy!


5 of 5 Stars!    by Harvey Diamond-Smyth 18/11/2009

No problem with this R4i card at all. Worked straight away in the NDS with 1.4 firmware.

it is very good,every are cheaper,and free shipping i'll let my friends to know this website too~!!!!


4 of 5 Stars!    by yong zhang 29/05/2010

tutto ok giusto un po di ritardo la consegna grazie e alla prossima


4 of 5 Stars!    by Massimo Adamo 26/05/2010

Bought this for a dsi xl. Found the firmware on youtube was working in 5 mins. Great product and cheaper here than anywhere else I looked. Delivery quick all round great service, thanks!


5 of 5 Stars!    by Alison Hitchen 24/05/2010

Worked perfectly. Fast shipping. Will definitely buy from again.


5 of 5 Stars!    by Jonathan Houck 24/05/2010

I had ordered R4i SDHC v2.0 now twice, once from another dealer which was great, but I misplaced my son's DSi, so I felt obligated to purchase him another one and when I bought a new R4 Chip I went through this company. This company ships the items fast. I was amazed, and was expecting to wait 1 1/2 months like the previous company I had ordered one from. I was happy, and received it in more than reasonable enough time. Very impressed and it was easy to setup as well.


5 of 5 Stars!    by andria may 21/05/2010

what a great product. it ticks all boxes. I am really plesed with this product as it offersease of transport for games as we are going on holiday soon and a good price asonce you have it then thats you ready.


5 of 5 Stars!    by janet hunter 20/05/2010

Great product and arrived all safe and sound, I have to admit, it took an extra couple of days then I expected to arrive, however that might be cause I was impatient. Other than that the product works great. I also bought the R4 standard card too and that also is fantastic. If you are wondering whether to buy one or not, I fully recommend you do. I had to contact email support on one occasion (my fault) and the response was within 24hours and they solved my problem with one email


5 of 5 Stars!    by victoria curwood 02/05/2010

The card was very simple to install and use. I am using it for my new DSi XL. Works fine without any issues. I am using a 4GB memory card from Kingston along with this R4i, but I had bought it separately from ITs a great product and I recommend to all who use dsiXL.


5 of 5 Stars!    by Gurubaskaran Subramanian 23/04/2010

Have bought that many by now that its keeping so many happy with there ds lite, dsi. Great product have some 2gb whitch hold a good lot of games, great value. Then went for 4gb hold more games songs movies photo's but I still wanted to do more as I am the one that fixes my family r4 when they go wrong so I got a 8gb card so I could do so much more with all that space. These are a must for all for entertainment that dose not cost to much with Romulation sight to get the games and skins. If the card goes wrong format and start again, I found that the update through the web on the dsi had mine stuck on Loading fixed by format and off you go. Thank you all for this great product many happy people say great stuff.


5 of 5 Stars!    by May Flynn 23/04/2010

Update on the system date error message,yes it works,if you get the message,set the date to before the 14th of april,you will have a happy child again,like mine. He loves his dsi and his R4i card,he was lost without it,all systems are go,yeh


5 of 5 Stars!    by Nick Addy 22/04/2010

Fast Delivery. The Real R4i SDHC card! Not a fake. Loaded the firmware and worked the first time.